Moonshot Café 2018

As VJF with Jon Flint we designed an exhibition from 2030. Conceived as part of the futur/io Moonshots for Europe programme, the café showcased the moonshot prototypes brought by the participants and facilitated futures explorations through thought-provoking narratives.

Logo for CIJ Conspiracy 2018

Invited by Jake Charles Rees, I designed and animated the logo for the CIJ Logan Symposium, theme of "Conspiracy", held at Goldsmiths, University of London.

Facial Recognition Mirror for 'The Future Starts Here' 2018

While working at the Superflux design studio in London, I helped develop a facial recognition mirror that displays satirical ads based on facial expressions, for the exhibition the 'The Future Starts Here' at the Victoria and Albert Museum.

Motion Graphics for Mantis Systems 2018

I designed the motion graphics and website for the interface of Mantis, a fictional AI that proactively identifies and prevents global systems risks. This was part of the Mantis Systems project by Superflux studio for the Bond 2018 Annual Conference, challenging the future of volunteering and disaster relief.

Our Friends Electric 2017

I worked on the sound and some on-site production bits for Our Friends Electric, a short film by Superflux studio commissioned by Mozilla Foundation, envisioning the future of voice assistants.


Asked by Jake Charles Rees, I made a logo for DEFRAG event series at the Somerset House in London, exploring the role technology plays in the development, production and consumption of art and culture.

Mitigation of Shock 2017

While working at Superflux, I designed the soundscape and helped create an artificial city view for a London flat heavily affected by climate change in 2050, as part of the 'After the End of the World' exhibition at the CCCB in Barcelona.

Why We Need to Imagine Different Futures by Anab Jain 2017

I made a climate graph based on Nasa's modelling data for Anab Jain's Ted Talk "Why We Need to Imagine Different Futures" while working Superflux.

The Future Energy Lab 2017

While working at Superflux I designed the animation assets and the backend of an interactive multiscreen framework allowing to navigate sustainable energy investment scenarios for the UAE Ministry of Energy.

Superflux New Identity 2017

I served as a project manager for the remake of Superflux visual identity and website. My responsibilities involved organising the graphic and web design teams, figuring out the website's new UX and ensuring cohesiveness of all elements.

Discount Futures 2017

As VJF with Jon Flint we delivered a two-part workshop for the Goldsmiths Design Summer School, introducing visiting students from Miriam College in the Philippines to critical approaches to design.

Mutō Labs 2016

At Superflux I helped design a fictional startup presented at the FundForum International investment management conference in Berlin, in which we used visual props to trigger conversations about the future impact of AI and roboadvisory in the fund management sector.

Vermis Magnes 2015

For The Animal Party exhibition at the Milan's Fuorisalone, I made a small interactive installation, in which bits of magnetic cassette tape live their proper life. They interact with each other as well as nearby surroundings. They’re sensitive to vibrations and would get highly irritated, should somebody knock on the vivarium.

Heracle555 2015

In collaboration with Félicien Goguey we have built a prototype for an episode-based multimedia exploration. Heracle555 is a series of analog audio synthesiser modules connected to a virtual environment. Twelve synthesisers-episodes are based on Twelve Labours of Hercules. With each new episode sounds and challenges become increasingly more complex, forming an advanced audiovisual experience. Heracle555 can also be used as an autonomous analog synthesiser.

Звёздный городок (Star City) 2015

Together with Marika Magnuszewska and Manja Ciric we made a short exploration game where you play as a commander of a Russian space programme. I desgined the the physical UI, which takes inspiration from Cold War Russian knock-offs of Nintendo consoles. As a contemporary cultural appropriation we decided to imitate Apple’s iMac’s design while using handcraft materials.

U.P. 2013

A mini performance piece around suicide inspired by open-source euthanasia, in collaboration with Andrea Rossini. Type EXIT BAG on youtube and look for a tutorial with a smiling old lady.

Property & Pasteurisation 2012

A mini-performance in collaboration with Andrea Rossini, in which two friends meet-up after many years to discuss their life turns. The food is indeed delicious.